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Interpersonal Power Tools for a More Effective Workplace

Course Description

Every workplace has its share of challenges and obstacles. What do you do when an co-worker’s actions are disruptive and causing conflict?  How do you uncover the root cause of the problem to correct the behavior and get back to work? How do you avoid the pressure to come up with a quick solution, which may solve the wrong problem or even worse, escalate the situation? This workshop will teach practical tools to uncover the real problem so you can choose an effective response to eliminate the challenge and get back to business.  You will practice these tools using common workplace scenarios and gain valuable feedback.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this skill-building session, you will:

  1. Tune in to how you and the others around you are impacting every workplace interaction.
  2. Discover how to collect the information you need to understand and utilize the mindset and motivations of the other players.
  3. Obtain a ‘Curiosity Mindset’ to avoid unproductive responses and premature conclusions.
  4. Learn how to prepare and plan for effective problem-solving.
  5. Practice using these new skills and tools live and receive helpful feedback.
  6. Enhance your skills for use beyond the workshop. 

Method of Instruction

This workshop includes presentations/lecture, instructor-led discussions, small group discussions, and practice sessions. This course is offered either in person or virtually.


2.0 Hours 

Who Should Attend

All Employees, Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, and Executives