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Turning Disagreement and Disconnection into Effective Problem Solving

Course Description

In the workplace, conflict is inevitable. Every team member brings different expectations and priorities to work. This can lead to frustration, disharmony, and inefficiency. How can we transform these differences into cooperation to spark creativity, productivity, and novel solutions? This workshop teaches a methodical framework for managing conflict to turn unproductive teams into creative centers for productivity. You will have opportunities to practice these tools using common workplace scenarios and gain valuable feedback.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this skill-building workshop you will:

  1. Learn how to Identify the ‘real’ problem (vs the presented issue).
  2. Develop a Needs/Options Framework for a deeper understanding of the issue(s).
  3. Utilize brainstorming techniques to identify options for possible solutions.
  4. Learn how to evaluate options for optimal outcomes.
  5. Practice using these new skills and tools live and receive helpful feedback.
  6. Enhance your skills for use beyond the workshop.

Method of Instruction

This workshop includes presentations/lecture, instructor-led discussions, small group discussions, and practice sessions. This course is offered either in person or virtually.


6 Hours

Who Should Attend

All Employees, Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, and Executives