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For Individuals

Workplace success depends equally on having the skills to:

▸ Deliver a quality product or service AND
▸ Work successfully with clients, customers, and colleagues.

As professionals, we have knowledge, competence, and expertise in our field, but where do we get the knowledge, competence, and expertise in interpersonal and communication skills needed to take our work to the next level?

Step to Center programs are designed to elevate your “people” and communication skills to match or exceed your professional knowledge and expertise.  Step to Center helps you learn how to increase your effectiveness even when encountering interference from difficult personalities, poor team dynamics, or a challenging environment.

Step to Center provides a safe and supportive space for learning new skills, tapping into a variety of perspectives, and returning to work with practical solutions.

Our interactive program incorporates both individual and group learning, the most powerful tools for enhancing skills and achieving real results.


Imagine a workplace where teams work cooperatively with fewer distractions from interpersonal disconnections or discontents. Step to Center can help you lead the way.

Step to Center’s Improve Your Interpersonal IQ workshop teaches immediately applicable skills to improve how you interact and do business. The online workshop is presented in 6 weekly 90-minute sessions.

Improve productivity and profitability by improving your interpersonal IQ. Learn to:

  • Improve your capacity to work with difficult people.
  • Effectively identify the disconnects and discontents that interfere with productivity.
  • Frame workplace issues to solve the “real” problem.
  • Increase cooperation among team members both remote and in-office.
  • Bridge the divide between differing work styles and competing priorities.

Now enrolling. Contact Step to Center to register or to learn more.