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For Organizations

Workplaces at their core are made up of people and revolve around relationships.

Attention to the quality of human interactions can propel organizational productivity and success. The top firms invest in on-going training in ‘people’ skills to cultivate and retain cohesive teams, a positive work culture, and loyal customers.


Step to Center provides businesses and organizations ‘people’ skills training to help all staff interact more productively and resolve conflict. In addition to trainings customized for your workplace, Step to Center offers an Improve Your Interpersonal IQ workshop series.

Clearing Your Workplace of Interpersonal Obstacles
What do you do when you are out of ideas on how to handle a challenging person or situation?  This workshop will strengthen your emotional intelligence and teach you the underlying dynamics of all types of workplace conflicts and interactions, even with the most difficult people.

Interpersonal Power Tools for a More Effective Workplace
Every workplace has its share of challenges and obstacles. What do you do when an co-worker’s actions are disruptive and causing conflict? This workshop will teach practical tools to uncover the real problem so you can choose an effective response to eliminate the challenge and get back to business. 

Turning Disagreement and Disconnection into Effective Problem Solving
Workplace conflict is inevitable. Every team member brings different expectations and priorities to work. How can we transform conflict to spark creativity, productivity, and novel solutions?  This workshop teaches a methodical framework for managing conflict to turn unproductive teams into creative centers for productivity.